Iron 3-Pack
Iron 3-Pack
Iron 3-Pack
Iron 3-Pack

Iron 3-Pack

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FAQ: How much elemental iron is in one EZ Melts Iron tablet?
Answer: One tablet contains 18 mg of carbonyl iron, which is equivalent to 18 mg of elemental iron.

FAQ: What is 325 mg ferrous sulfate equivalent to in terms of elemental iron?
Answer: 325 mg of ferrous sulfate = 65 mg of elemental iron. We recommend that you ask your healthcare professional before use of EZ Melts Iron, as you may need to take 1 to 3 tablets per day depending on your personal situation.
  • Supports healthy immune system function and cell health
  • Aids body in fighting off fatigue and free radical damage
  • Formulated with carbonyl iron for optimum safety and effect
  • Vitamin C helps body absorb Iron more effectively
  • 3 bottles. Each bottle contains 90 fast melting tablets with "Zesty Orange" flavor
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