I have always had trouble swallowing tablets, even small ones. They get stuck in my throat very easily and I feel like I want to gag. I know I should take my vitamins, but I don’t take them because of my problem swallowing. EZ Melts® has changed all that, and the tablets are so easy to take. They just melt in my mouth in seconds. Now I feel like I am doing my best each day to stay healthy.
Johnny Lehman, Vista, CA

I have been diagnosed with a condition called dysphagia, where I have trouble swallowing. I have been looking for a solution when taking my nutritional supplements. I tried the EZ Melts® line, and I’m so pleased. They taste great, and I don’t have to swallow any more pills.
Aline Tyler, DeBary, FL

I have been in medical practice for more than 30 years, and I have seen the benefits of taking nutritional supplements firsthand, but I find the biggest problem is patient compliance. Most of my patients don’t like to take any more pills than they have to. With EZ Melts®, I now have a safe and effective line of supplements that I recommend to my patients to help them live longer and healthier lives.
Dr. Dennis Harris, Scottsdale, AZ

I am one of those people who doesn’t drink enough fluids each day, so I rarely would take my nutritional supplements, even though as a physician, I know they are good for me. EZ Melts® make it easy for me to take my vitamins.
Dr. Brett Diaz, Ontario, CA

I am one of those people who drinks several caffeinated beverages each day to give me energy and to stay alert at work. I never liked consuming all of the calories or drinking all of the fluids, but I need the energy. Then I found EZ Melts® Energy Boost Formula. This product is truly incredible. It has very few calories and is so convenient, and does it ever work fast! It gives me hours of energy, enhanced focus and no crash or jitters, and it is so easy to use. I just let one dissolve under my tongue and in a matter of seconds, I feel my energy coming back immediately.
Glenn Babineau, Mechanicsville, NY

My doctor told me I need to take Calcium supplements every day to ward off osteoporosis, but I hate taking those “horse pills”. Thank you EZ Melts® for giving me such a great alternative. The EZ Melts® Bone Support tastes incredible, and I love the way they dissolve in my mouth.
Debra Murray, Naples, FL

I used to buy a Sublingual B-12 tablet from television, until I tried EZ Melts® Energy, Memory & Mood Enhancer. This product gives me more energy and clarity than the other product and dissolves much more quickly, and it even costs less!
Shawn O’Donnell, Las Vegas, NV

My son has tried all of the Children’s Multivitamins on the market, and most of them he does not like. I decided to try EZ Melts® Multi Vitamin Supplement, and he loves them. He just can’t get enough of them. It is the first thing he asks for each morning.
Gloria Cortes, Laguna Beach, CA

I have a very demanding career and am under a lot of stress each day. I have tried lots of products to help reduce my stress and anxiety, but none has worked as well as EZ Melts® Stress Relief Complex. It relieves my stress quickly and gives me an overall feeling of well-being… and they taste great too. I even tried them on the golf course, and I feel like they have taken a few strokes off of my game!
Ron General, Scottsdale, AZ

I have very severe joint pain and found that glucosamine helps, but I hate how large all of the pills on the market are. I never wanted to take the tablets because they were so hard to swallow, but knew they would reduce my discomfort. Now I found EZ Melts® Joint Relief Complex, and I take my glucosamine every day. Wow, I have noticed a huge difference in my pain levels.
Donald Lachance, Nashua, NH

When taking EZ Melts® Resveratrol 150, I get all the antioxidant benefits of eating lots of grapes without the sugar. My energy levels have increased substantially and I am more active at home and at work.
Nelson Roach, Miami, FL

I speak about the many health benefits of Resveratrol in my anti-aging Seminars, and I recommend EZ Melts® Resveratrol 150 as the best Resveratrol product to take due to its potency, high quality and oral fast melting delivery system.
Dr. Brett Diaz, Irvine, CA

I think EZ Melts® Resveratrol 150 are great because I don’t drink wine, but I want the anti-aging benefits of resveratrol. Also, I hate swallowing pills so the melt in your mouth tablets are a Godsend!
Aline Tyler, Debary, FL

The EZ Melts® line has been a Godsend for me! I hate swallowing pills, but want to take lots of nutritional supplements each day. Finally, a solution that makes it easy for me to take my supplements.
Nancy Dame, Rockport, MA