What are the advantages of taking a Fast Melting Tablet?

  •  No water required or swallowing of big pills
  •  Melts in your mouth
  •  Nutrients are made readily available for absorption more quickly than conventional tablets and pills


Do I have to worry about having good absorption?

  • If the product is allowed to dissolve in your mouth, then the nutrients will be readily available for absorption


Should I drink any fluids before, during or after taking this Fast Melting Tablet?

  • The EZ Melts® tablets are not intended to be taken with water and/or other liquids. They will dissolve in your mouth with your own saliva. However, if your mouth is dry, and do not want to have the sweet after taste, sipping a small amount of liquids can always help


Can I break these tablets, grind or swallow them completely?

  • The EZ Melts® formulas were carefully prepared to deliver the nutrients and/or active ingredients in an immediate manner. The tablets can be broken, grounded or even dissolved in fluids for intake. You will obtain the same benefits.


Do I need to take these tablets on a full or empty stomach?

  • The EZ Melts® formulas were prepared independently of gastric motility, thus they can be taken on a full or empty stomach. However, it should be noted that in certain instances, some vitamins and nutrients can be better absorbed when taken on a full stomach or immediately after a meal.


Does the absorption occur in the mouth, stomach or other parts of the gastrointestinal tract?

  • In general, the majority of absorption of nutrients takes place in the small intestine.
  • Some nutrients demonstrate pre-gastric absorption.  In this case there is an advantage to products that are made readily absorbable earlier in the digestion process.  In the case of EZ Melts®, nutrients are made readily absorbable as soon as they dissolve.


Can I dissolve these tablets in any drink or food?

  • Yes, you can break the EZ Melts® tablets apart, dissolve in any fluids or sprinkle over food. You will get the same delivery effect.


Will the sugar content of these tablets alter my glucose levels?

  • EZ Melts® formulas contain no sugar.


Will the sweetener(s) used in the EZ Melts® of these tablets damage my teeth?

  • EZ Melts® formulas use no sugar components.  However, brushing your teeth is always recommended after a meal.


Do I need to brush my teeth after taking this tablet?

  • See response above.


Do EZ Melts® fast melting tablets have the same dose of regular pills?

  • EZ Melts® formulas are intended to contain similar amounts of active ingredients as standard solid dose pills. However, in some instances when the amount active ingredients are high, we may divide the dose in two tablets. We strongly advise you to read the directions for Suggested Use.


Are EZ Melts® rapid dissolving tablets more effective that other tablets?

  • The main advantage of taking EZ Melts® over other tablets that are taken by mouth is the ease of use; they melt in your mouth and makes the nutrients readily available for absorption.  You don’t have to wait for them to dissolve in your stomach.


I am currently on different medications for my XXXX condition.  Will these EZ Melts® interfere with their activity? What adverse reactions will I experience?

  •  The EZ Melts® are safe and do not generally produce any adverse reactions. We would suggest consulting your physician if you have questions regarding the use of these EZ Melts® with your medications.